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Breakfast Club

St Paul's offers a breakfast club for the children every weekday morning. Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy some cereal, a bagel and some fruit juice. There are also games and other supervised activities for the children who attend. The breakfast club benefits from support from the Magic Breakfast Mayor's Fund for London Project.

It costs £1 a day if you come from 8:00am and is free after 8:30am.

After School Clubs

In support of the school's mission statement, the school runs 'Club Night' after school on a Tuesday from 3.20 to 4.15. There are also after-school clubs available to children on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There is open access for all from Reception 1 to Year 6 to these clubs. The clubs are run by teachers and support staff. We try to cover as broad a range of interests as possible. Children commit to a club for a whole term before they may change.

Here is a list of the different clubs currently on offer:

Monday   - Film Club with Ms Chester & Mr Hussain
              - Netball with Miss Wright

Tuesday     - Football with Mr Thompson
                - ICT with Miss Rice
                - Junior Cookery with Miss Rehena
                - Infant Arts with Miss Khan
                - Young Activities with Miss Issac
                - Design, Technology and science with Miss James
                - Dance with Miss Tropea
                - Infant Sports with  Mr Boutflour
                - Arts and Craft with Mr Hussain

Wednesday  - Bengali Club with Miss Rehena
                   - French Club with Mr Boutflour

Thursday   - Football with Michael(External)
                 - Badminton with Chris(External)

Friday       - Mini Club with Mitu(External)
                - Street Dance with External Coaches