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By year group, here are the different topics that are being covered through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) this year...

NB Our Early Years Unit (Nursery and Reception classes) do not follow the IPC.

Topics 2014-15

Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
1 Toys (Transition) Let’s celebrate The Circus is Coming to Town Science- Push me, Pull you History – People of the Past Science – Green fingers
2 History – Time Travellers Science – Earth, Our Home Hooray… Let’s Go On Holiday The Stories People Tell Science- It’s Shocking!
3 History – Scavengers and Settlers Science – Turn it up! Active Planet Gateways to the World Science – Material World
4 Paintings. Pictures and Photographs Science – Land, sea and sky Saving the World History –Temples, Tombs and Treasures Science – How Humans Work
5 History – The Great, the Bold and the Brave! Science – Extreme Survivors Go with the flow Space Explorers Science – Look Hear!
6 Champions for Change Making New Materials Myths and Legends Science – Out of Africa The Holiday Show

For more information about the IPC, click here to go to the official website