In This Section

With our commitment to serving our local community, St. Paul's offers weekly classes to parents and carers of our children as well as associated members of our community.

Through our dedicated 'Family Learning' team and our onsite learning mentor, listed below are the current programs and classes that we host here at St. Paul's:


  • ESOL Beginners (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • WEA Maths/Literacy
  • Speakeasy
  • Curriculum Workshop (with Shopna)
  • CLAIT (ICT classes)
  • School Volunteering
  • Toy library
  • One-to-one child reading
  • Stay and play

Feel free to enquire at our reception desk if you are interested in joining or becoming involved with any of these different programs or classes.


Click here for an up-to-date timetable of our parent classes