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St Paul's School Council is formed of a girl and boy from Year 1 up to Year 6.  At the beginning of each academic year, the prospective candidates make presentations to their class and then the councillors are elected by a democratic vote.  The School Councillors meet regularly to discuss various issues and concerns which arise and then give feedback to their class.


The School Councillors are ...

Y1 - Siyana and Ismail
Y2 - Eddie and Liza
Y3 - Ummayyah and Sayem
Y4 - Aaban and Ismah
Y5 - Su-ling (vacancy)
Y6 - Alex, Jack, Nowell, Jocely and Liyana

The following topics have been discussed this year:

  • school dinner menu
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  • playtime activities
  • class reading books
  • ICT
  • charitable organisations


School Council News Spring 2014

We interviewed Miss Bassi and Miss Knowles as they are both new teachers. All members of the school council asked fantastic questions to find out what they do, what their hobbies are, etc. We found out that Miss Bassi really likes taking photographs and she’s been doing it since she was a young child! She attended a photography club when she was 7 years old. We also found out that Miss Knowles really likes singing and she does suddenly hum sometimes! Miss Knowles also really likes to read books which lots of us also enjoy as well.

Then we talked about the Tuck shop we will run. We thought about where we should run the tuck shop and other important things with our class. Another assignment we got was to talk about Anti – Bullying. This is very important to talk about too, especially because children can get bullied nearly anytime. We talked about this with our class as well thinking about what we can do to help stop it. Lots of classes thought of really good ideas to help increase ideas for the tuck shop and anti-bullying.

By Nasheed Y6

School Council meet our Premises Manager

The school council met up with Kathy Neill, our Premises Manager.  They asked lots of great questions and Kathy was very happy to talk about her time at St Paul's.  She has been here for over 40 years so has lots of memories and excited the children with her stories !)


School Council Forum

The School School attended a School Council Forum at Harry Gosling Primary School.  Shapla and Bigland Green also attended.  The event was a great opportunity for the children to discuss issues that affect their schools.  Each school did a presentation and children were encouraged to ask questions.  The children really enjoyed themselves and found it very useful.


Meet the Cook

On Friday 19th April 2013 the School Council met up with Tosca our school cook, they asked many interesting questions about her extremely tough role of feeding the entire school!!!

Tosca has worked at St Paul's for 10 years and loves her job. She finds it hard work but extremely enjoyable and her favourite meal to cook is lasagne or cakes. The children really appreciate all the lovely meals Tosca makes for them and are grateful for taking the time to be interviewed.