Welcome from the Heads


Terry Bennett

Terry Bennett - Executive Headteacher

The Federation of St John’s & St Paul’s Whitechapel CE Primary Schools was established in September 2014. The schools have a shared vision to provide a learning community that is caring, inclusive and supportive with a distinctive Christian ethos, and where every child is a valued member.

We believe that every child is an important individual and we strive to ensure that each day is a day for your child to learn new skills and develop their potential.

Of course we prioritise the teaching of English, mathematics and the other areas of the curriculum, but we place great importance on instilling the skills and attitudes that will equip our pupils as they continue their education, and their lives, in a world where the future is so unpredictable, skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, resilience, determination, collaboration, decision making and creativity.

The staff at both schools have high expectations; we are extremely ambitious for our pupils to succeed. We ask the children to work hard and try their best in all things. They do and they are the real strength of our school.

If you wish to apply for a place at the school, whether it is in one of our excellent Early Years Units or in our purposeful Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 classes, please do not hesitate to arrange to a visit.

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Darren Rubin

Darren Rubin - Executive Head of School

Thank you for taking a look at our website. I hope it gives you a good insight into the work that we do here at St. Paul’s. We want our children to be happy here as we believe happy children learn. Our staff work extremely hard to ensure our pupils get a high quality education. Our results highlight the good work that is carried out. We want our children to grow up learning how to be good citizens and contribute to society knowing that they have a big role to play. Furthermore, we want our children to learn about being healthy – we are one of a small number of schools in the borough that provide lessons on cookery and nutrition. We even have our own chicken coop and bee hive. If you are a parent or carer at our school I hope it provides you with all the information that you need. If you are a prospective parent/carer and would like a tour around our school, I would be happy to show you around. Do get in touch via the office.