School Council


St Paul's School Council is formed of a girl and boy from Year 1 up to Year 6. At the beginning of each academic year, the prospective candidates make presentations to their class and then the councillors are elected by a democratic vote. The School Councillors meet regularly to discuss various issues and concerns which arise and then give feedback to their class.


The School Councillors are ...

Y1 - Khalayna and Ayden

Y2 - Maryam and Usayd

Y3 - Rafaella and Adam

Y4 - Zahra and Dhairya

Y5 - Bethany and Yusuf

Y6 - Tahiba and Irfan


The following topics have been discussed this year:

  • School dinner menu
  • Playtime activities
  • Class reading books
  • ICT
  • Charitable organisations