Curriculum Topics

TOPICS 2022-23

Topic (History, Geography, Art and Design Technology)

The federation committed to designing its own broad ‘Topic’ curriculum to replace the ‘International Primary Curriculum’ (IPC) for history, geography, art and design technology. Long term and medium-term curriculum planning has been structured to ensure the progression of a broad range of knowledge and skills from Year 1 to Year 6, with clear milestones, building on early learning goals. High-quality texts are at the core and vertical links are identified to show where topics build on prior learning.

Our Topic curriculum ensures children have specific learning experiences relevant to them. It is designed to be ambitious and accessible to all, to include the most disadvantaged, SEND and high needs pupils. It provokes curiosity and provides opportunities and experiences which are diverse, rich and aspirational. Thematic approaches to learning bring learning alive and build a sense of reason and purpose. Each topic begins with a dynamic start to build interest and ends with an exit event to consolidate and celebrate what has been learnt.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Our School

Significant Individuals: Sonia Boyce (artist)

People of the Past:

Ibn Butatta (BAME)

EQ: How important was Ibn Batutta as an explorer?

Growing Food


The Great Fire of London


History & DT

History & Geography

Art & History

History & Science

DT & Geography

History & Geography

Traction man

Boris starts school


One Day on the Savannah

Jack & the Beanstalk

Claude in the City

The Museum of Childhood

Y1- The Great Fire of London

Gallery trip



Monument/London Bridge


Time Travellers: Victorians

πŸ”—Y1: Our school

πŸ”—Y1: Toys

Asia (BAME)


Fables & Cultures (BAME)


Our World

πŸ”—Y1: Growing Food

Colour (BAME)

πŸ”—Y1: Sonia Boyce


Geography & DT

History, Geography & Art (tapestry)



Oliver Twist- extracts

The Elephant friend

Nowhere Boy

Tales of Wisdom & Wonder

Oliver’s Vegetables

The Little Gardener

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Ragged School Museum

British Museum – Islam Collection

Science museum- galleries linked to materials

British Museum – African art

Recyling Centre

Gallery trip


Active Planet

πŸ”—Y2: Our World


The Vikings

πŸ”—Y2: The Victorians


Stone Age to Iron Age

πŸ”—Y2: The Victorians

EQ: How has life changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Fantasy and Surrealism (BAME)

πŸ”—Y2: Colour

πŸ”—Y1: Sonia Boyce


πŸ”—Y1: Growing food

πŸ”—Y2: Our world


Geography, Science & DT


History & DT
(design a 3D settlement; make arrow heads)

Art (and map making)

Geography & DT

Escape from Pompeii/ The Pebble in My Pocket/ The Street Beneath my Feet

The Viking Boy

Cave Baby/ UG Boy Genius

Mr Morris Lessmore

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The Natural History Museum

Museum of London

Waltham Forest Art of Nature

Monster Supplies trip (Hoxton)

Hotel Chocolate/ Chocolate Museum (Brixton)


Pictures & Paintings


πŸ”—Y1: Sonia Boyce

πŸ”—Y2: Colour

πŸ”—Y3: Fantasy & Realism

Explorers & Adventurers

πŸ”—Y1: Explorer

Saving the World

πŸ”—Y1: Growing Food

πŸ”—Y2: Our World



πŸ”—Y2: The Victorians

πŸ”—Y3: Vikings & Stone age to Iron age

EQ: How did the civilisation of Egypt wax and wane?

The Romans (BAME)

πŸ”—Y2: The Victorians

πŸ”—Y3: Vikings & Stone age to Iron age


Art & DT

Geography & History

Geography & PSCHE

History & DT

(Design a sarcophagus)

History & Art


Shackleton’s Journey/ Ice Trap!

The Village that Vanished/ Wangari’s Trees of Peace

The Red Pyramid

Empire’s End- A Roman Story (BAME)

Gallery trip

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Plastic fishing

The British Museum

Temple of Mithras/ London’s Roman Amphitheatre


The Greeks

πŸ”— Y2: The Victorians

πŸ”—Y3: Vikings/Stone age

πŸ”—Y4: Romans/Egypt

Early Islamic Civilisations (BAME)

πŸ”—Y2: Asia

Kenya (BAME)

πŸ”—Y2: Fables & Cultures


Messages in Art

πŸ”— Y1: Sonia Boyce

πŸ”— Y2: Colour

πŸ”— Y3: Fantasy/Realism

πŸ”— Y4: Pictures/Paints

Messages in Art

πŸ”— Y4: Pictures & paintings


Anglo- Saxons

πŸ”— Y2: The Victorians

πŸ”—Y3: Vikings/Stone age

πŸ”—Y4: Romans/Egypt

History & Art

History & Geography (RE)

Art & Geography


Art & DT

Art & DT




Sinbad the Sailor

Journey to Jo’burg/

Butterfly Lion

Illegal/ The Arrival

Illegal/ The Arrival


British Museum

The V&A


British Museum – African Art

Site Visits

British Museum



Champions for Change


πŸ”—Y5: The Greeks


πŸ”—Y2: Victorians

Myths & Legends

πŸ”—Y5: Kenya

πŸ”— Y5: The Greeks

πŸ”— Y2: Fables & Cultures

London as a Tourist

πŸ”—Y1: Great Fire

πŸ”—Y2: Victorians

πŸ”—Y5: Architecture


πŸ”— Y2: Colour

πŸ”—Y3: Fantasy/Realism                      

πŸ”—Y5: Messages in Art

Social History & PSCHE





The Other Side of the Truth/Holes

Goodnight Mr Tom/ Letters from the Lighthouse

The Vanishing Rainforest

The London Eye Mystery/ The Tunnels Below

Venice De milo

House of Parliament

Imperial War Museum (workshop)

(British life during WW2. Remembrance Day,

National Gallery workshop

London landmarks/ Transport Museum

British Museum