The Currculum

Our Ethos

Our schools provide a distinctively Christian setting where we work in partnership and all are valued; a setting which is secure, caring and inclusive.

As custodians of their future, we are fiercely ambitious for our children.

We believe that individuals learn in many different ways and that our teaching should reflect this. We provide a rich and healthy learning environment that fosters physical and emotional well-being for everyone at the school and that offers our children and staff every opportunity to succeed and flourish, now and in the future.

Guiding Principles

Our curriculum aims to acknowledge and reflect the diversity of our school community and provide the cultural capital to enable them to succeed in the next stages of their lives.

Outcomes in all subjects utilise age-appropriate opportunities to make links between prior and new learning. The school’s intention is for children to enjoy their learning, develop enquiring minds and grow in the personal qualities they need to be good citizens of the world.

We aim to provide a curriculum that focuses of knowledge, skills and character.

We want our children to be literate and numerate with an appropriate understanding of the world around them. We aim to develop a deep body of knowledge, not isolated information in pupils’ minds in order to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The design, and delivery, of our curriculum is sequential and builds on prior knowledge towards clear objectives at the end of each year or key stage.

We want our children to be able to communicate effectively; we want them to be collaborative and creative; we want them to think critically, be digitally literate and recognize the opportunities, and dangers, of social media and having an online presence.

We want our children to be humble and tolerant, compassionate and forgiving. We want them to be self-confident, independent and supportive of each other. We want them to be resilient, have high self-esteem and to be happy.