School is open for all from Wednesday 2nd September

School reopens on Wednesday 2nd September for all pupils.

Differentiated groups (‘Bubbles’)

We will be operating four separate groups (‘Bubbles’). These are:

EY Bubble                 Nursery and Reception classes.

KS1 Bubble              Year 1 and Year 2

KS2 A Bubble           Year 3 and Year 5

KS2 B Bubble           Year 4 and Year 6

You will have received an email letting you know the arrangements for the start and end of the school day for each ‘Bubble’.

Pupils shielding

Very few pupils are expected to be shielding, following updated government advice issued on 1st August:

See also section 27 of our Risk Assessment.

Risk Assessment and Infection Control Measures

Our full Risk Assessment and Infection Control Measures documents can be found here:

Further information

The local authority has a range of advice and information here:

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If parents/ carers have any questions they should use the  parents @ address

Other enquiries should be addressed to: