During the current school closure due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will be calling you every week to check that everything is OK and for teachers to maintain contact with families and the children.

Teachers will be calling you every two weeks and this will start again after half term. The number will show as ‘unknown number’ so if you receive a call, please do answer as it is likely to be someone from school calling you. Some families will receive addition calls from the LSAs that work with specific children.

Tower Hamlets are currently planning to open school hubs to provide care for vulnerable children and for children of key workers. If you need a place urgently, please contact us using the email below so we can direct you to the nearest open school. Once the local authority have plans in place we will update the website with the information you need to know.

Questions and Queries:

As we are currently closed, please do not call the school phone as no one will be there to take your call. Instead please email us at our parents email account with any questions you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Free School Meals:

Currently, the government is giving out food vouchers to those entitled to Free School Meals. Please note that this entitlement is different to the entitlement of Mayors Universal Free School meals which all children from Reception to Year 6 recieve. If you feel you are entitled to Free School Meals please:

- Email

- You can also apply for FSM via

- Or you can go to the Tower Hamlets Website and click 'apply for it' then 'apply for benefits'


Please follow our Twitter Page for updates and important information @StpaulsCESchool


We hope you all stay safe, stay well and we hope to see you soon!